Petitions are old news and everybody knows it. Deliver your messages directly to Congress in real time, hassle-free.
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What does it do?

With just four pieces of information—name, street address, email and zipcode—we can deliver someone's message to each of their three members of Congress (two senators and one representative.)

What's the delivery rate?

Right now it’s around 80%, which is actually much better than any comparable option. We think we can get it closer to 95% in the coming months.

Is it just for US Congress?

We're happy to discuss solutions for other institutions including those outside the US. Be in touch!

Is it open source?

Yes! The product is built on Phantom of the Capitol by Sina Khanifar, EFF and Action Network. It includes our own special modifications that radically improve conversions and make integration with typical petition pages (and your CRM) delightfully simple.

Is there an API?

Of course! Check out the documentation.

What's the difference between this and the EFF / Action Network tool?

Their tool requires complex forms that dramatically reduce the number of people who take action, and make integration and customization much more difficult. Our tool requires just four simple fields (name, email, zip, and street address) and integrates so easily with any activist CRM that we offer free setup. We needed this simplicity for our campaigns, so we built it. Now we're offering it to you!

Do you really need to collect street address?

Yes. 6 digit ZIP codes span multiple house districts, and sometimes multiple states! Few people know their ZIP+4. Without a street address, there's no way to know what Representative (or sometimes even Senator) to deliver to.

Can we get reports on delivery?

We will provide the complete list of members we can't deliver to, and the latest delivery rate. You only pay when we deliver.

Who maintains the data?

It's an open source project by multiple organizations and volunteers, one that's a lot of work and cost to maintain. As we get more subscribers, we plan on contributing back to the maintenance effort in a big way!


For more information, or to sign up, please contact us.

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Fight for the Future is the nonprofit Internet Freedom activism group best known for its work defeating SOPA/PIPA and advancing Net Neutrality (Open Internet Rules) in the United States.

Now we're providing the best available methods for contacting Congress (methods that we've used for multiple winning campaigns) as a simple, affordable service.

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